In addition to those curly pubic hairs, testosterone also causes hair to grow on other parts of your body. As you’re going through puberty, you may notice that you have more “”hair on your arms, your thighs and your lower legs. This hair probably won’t be as curly as your pubic hair. But there will usually be more hair in these areas of your body than there was during childhood. Hair may also start to grow on your chest. Some boys grow hair on their shoulders and/or their backs. Some grow hair on the backs of their hands. Some boys become really hairy; others have very little body hair.

People often think that the amount of body hair a man has is related to how much testosterone his testicles make. This isn’t true. Testosterone causes your body hair to start to grow, but how much or how little a man has doesn’t have anything to do with how much testosterone his body makes. The amount of body hair you’ll have is determined by two things: your racial or ethnic group and your family. As a group, white men generally have more body hair than Oriental or black men. Within any of these groups, the amount of hair a man has usually depends on his family. Boys who come from families in which the men tend to have lots of body hair usually also have a lot of body hair. Boys who come from families in which the men have little or no hair on their chests, arms, legs, hands and so on usually have very little body hair. Once again, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but hairiness or lack of it does tend to, as they say, ‘run in families’.

Just as there are a lot of myths about penis size, so there are a lot of myths about body hair. Some people believe that men who have a lot of body hair are more manly or masculine than men who don’t have so much. This is nonsense. Body hair or lack of it doesn’t have anything to do with how much of a man you are. Some people (both men and women) find lots of body hair attractive. For them, body hair is especially sexy. Others feel that smoother, more hairless bodies are more attractive. But for most people it doesn’t matter that much one way or the other. So if you’re worried about the amount of body hair you have, you probably shouldn’t bother. For one thing, worrying won’t make any difference. Besides, anyone who is going to decide whether or not they like you on the basis of how much body hair you have probably isn’t worth knowing anyhow.


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