It is your body and your disease. Never give away your power to anyone – especially not the power to heal your body. You can ask doctors, specialists, natural therapists and healers for advice and treatment options but ultimately, you are the one with the power to make the decisions to heal your body. Keeping your empowerment will enable you to also keep your self-confidence and motivation.

How can you take a more active part in your healing process? Firstly, ask your doctor or specialist plenty of questions; it is your right to know everything. The more you know the more control you have over your own destiny and outcome. Never go into your healing or treatment in the dark. Find out everything you can about your type of cancer and the most effective forms of treatment to heal your cancer. Ask for articles, research papers and information from your health practitioner concerning treatment of your cancer. Ask questions and obtain more knowledge about your disease. It is your right to know the results of all tests – it is your right to be one hundred per cent informed about every procedure and its possible side effects.

If you have made the conscious decision to undertake orthodox cancer treatment, please don’t forget the benefits of incorporating natural therapies into your program. Set yourself a schedule for taking your vitamins, performing your creative visualizations, meditation and yoga and allow plenty of free time for yourself. Never over-commit yourself- this is your time to rediscover what you truly love and enjoy in life.

Every day is truly precious; don’t let another moment pass you by without feeling the beauty in every breath of life giving energy. It is a wonderful feeling to take charge of your own destiny and to have an active part in your own healing process.


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