How effective is male hormonal contraception?

In trials of men using this method, 80 percent of men had no sperm in their semen and the rest had such low numbers of sperm that it would be very unlikely for their partners to fall pregnant And there were very few side effects in men who were using this method.

Why would I want to choose male hormonal contraception?

Men who want or need to take responsibility for contraception and who don’t like using condoms may choose to use male hormonal contraception. It might also be a good choice for a man who is considering a vasectomy but is not ready to make such a permanent decision.

How do you use male hormonal contraception?

At present male hormonal contraception is only available by joining a clinical trial. Trials have been run in Australia as well as the United Kingdom and the United States. Men are given either a dose of injectable progestogen every three months or they take a higher dose progestogen-only pill by mouth every day. They have to take these pills at the same time every day for it to be effective. It may be a few years before male hormonal contraception is widely available.


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