There is no simple answer to this question because each boy is different. But doctors have studied boys going through puberty, so we can tell you about what happens to most boys.

As you may recall from the beginning of this chapter, the earlier starters do not necessarily go through these stages any faster than boys who start puberty later or boys who start at the average age. Boys may take from one year to six years to go from Stage 2, the beginning of puberty, to Stage 5, the fully grown adult stage. The so-called average boy takes about four years. The table you see below shows how long boys take to go through each of the various stages of genital development. The first column shows how long the average boy takes to go through each stage. But, as we’ve said, not all boys are average. The second column shows the range of times it takes most boys to go through these stages.

Let’s say you are 12 years old and have just reached Stage 2. If you are a so-called typical or average boy, you will probably reach Stage 3 in about thirteen more months; that is, in one year and one month. However, you may be quick to develop and may find yourself in Stage 3 in only five months. Or you may be slower to develop and may not find yourself in Stage 3 until

twenty-six months have gone by. This table will not tell you exactly when the various changes that happen during puberty are going to happen to you, but it will give you some idea of what to expect.


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