Players: Husband, wife, and “stranger.”

Activists: Interested spouse and friend. Setting: Hotel.

Aim: To provoke jealousy and other unconscious feelings that are blocking sexual interest.

Game Plan: It must be stressed that this game is a radical one and should be played only if everything else has failed. Basically, in this game the activist spouse gets a friend of the opposite sex to help him or her make the uninterested spouse jealous. The game should be played warily, and the two activists of the game must be prepared to abandon it if it appears too upsetting to the uninterested spouse.

The activist spouse (presented in this scenario as the woman) approaches the sexually uninterested spouse some evening and asks, “Do you remember that movie, Indecent Proposal?”

“Yes. What of it?”

“Well, a few days ago I received an indecent proposal of sorts, and I thought I’d better tell you about it.” “I’m listening.”

“You remember Martin, the man we met at the club?” “Yes.”

“Well, he’s made an indecent proposal.” “What is it?”

“He’s offered to pay me—us—$1,000 if he could sleep with me.”


“You’re not jealous?”

“Not at all. Anyway, we could use the money.”


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