Facial Douche

For this treatment you will need to bend over a basin preferably having a towel around your neck to prevent the water running over the rest of your body. You start by slowly circulating your face around the basin using a low pressure water flow . Movements from left to right and up and down are done several times, then finally circulating the face again several more times.

Benefit: To prevent premature ageing of the skin by stimulating the blood circulation. For fresher healthier skin and the feelings of tiredness This will also aid migraines.

Facial Massage

This is the most important and valuable beauty aid. It preserves the outline of the face, moves superfluous flesh and helps the nerves and muscles to function properly. It is best to use an oil when you massage your skin, as it is readily absorbed, and by massage, you feed the tissues and strengthen the muscles at the same time. Where lines and wrinkles have already formed, it smoothes them out, and keeps the skin toned and healthy through gentle massage.


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