Avoid all packaged foods and drinks with additives listed on the label. Remember that ‘flavourings’ count as additives, even though they have no E-numbers, and that ‘No Artificial Additives’ can be very misleading – some ‘natural’ additives are potentially harmful. Bear in mind that bread from a bakery can contain additives although it does not have to be labelled – buy bread from a healthfood shop or make your own. Unwrapped cakes, sweets and deli-catessan foods are exempt from detailed labelling, as are alcoholic drinks. Do not drink alcohol, unless you have home-made wine brewed from pure fruit and sugar (no Campden tablets), or can buy organic wine (see p333 for suppliers). Restaurant, cafeteria, or take-away food, including fish-and-chips, is often very rich in additives. Also avoid tinned foods, because the phenolic resin that is used to line the tin can contaminate the food. If you are taking any vitamin tablets with coloured coatings, give these up. If you are taking medicines that appear to contain colourings, ask your doctor if he can prescribe an uncoloured version.


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