1. Pharmaceutical approaches to fat loss should be seen as having potential value only when other conventional fat loss techniques have failed.

2. Pharmaceutical and surgical techniques must be accompanied by an eating and physical activity plan,

3. Diagnosis and long term maintenance of pharmaceutical and surgical techniques must be carried out under the care of the appropriate professionals.

4. Pharmaceutical approaches are currently only used for short term treatment and patient selection is important.

5. All over-the-counter medications for fat loss should be avoided, particularly for extended use.

6. Stimulant drugs for fat loss have the potential for addiction and tolerance formation and therefore should be avoided.

7. Topical applications with claims for fat loss must comply with the appropriate regulations under the poisons act.

8. Any use of surgery for obesity must be accompanied by the appropriate medical advice.

9. Neither pharmaceutical nor surgical treatments should be seen as a panacea for fat loss and should only be entered into after a full evaluation of benefits and risks.


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