There is no denying the relationship between calorie intake and portion size. No matter what the number of calories in any one item, the more you eat, the more calories you consume. The Less Is More plan
1. cuts down the size of the portions and therefore eliminates a good number of the calories consumed;
2. cuts out empty calories.
What you’re really doing is an intricate juggling act: decreasing the portion size of high-calorie foods and increasing the portion size of low-calorie foods so that you can reduce total caloric consumption by about 1,000 per day without changing the basic structure of your meal.
• You will often be serving less food on the plate.
• You will be serving more of some foods than others.
• You will not be cutting out certain foods just because they are “fattening”; instead, you will serve them less frequently and in smaller-sized portions.
I am convinced that one of the reasons men eat so much is that they are served more than anyone else in the family. Or they get used to eating a lot when they are active, growing, teenage boys and neglect to taper down when their bodies mature. Whatever the reason, if your man is consuming more than 2,000 calories a day, he can cut back to that number without suffering—physically or emotionally. (Unless he is a marathon runner.)
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