It is not unusual to hear complaints about chills and colds when seasonal changes occur. Most people accept them as unavoidable, not realising that it >s really up to us to do something about them. Women seem to be more prone to catching colds, since they are usually more reluctant to exchange their elegant thin stockings for warm or, better still, thick knitted woollen ones. It would indeed be most appropriate to limit the use of elegant apparel in favour of warmer clothing, or even to put it away altogether for the duration of the winter.

The change of season is the most difficult time for the body, for it is still accustomed to the warm summer and unprepared for the sudden onset of cold weather. That is why we must protect the body with whatever clothing is appropriate for the weather. Most important of all, keep the feet warm and, as I have pointed out already, woollen stockings and a pair of good, warm shoes are indispensable if you wish to discourage colds. It is an accepted fact that warm feet and a cool head are necessary for good health. As long as the feet are warm we will hardly ever catch a cold, because the feet are the indicators of the general warmth of the body.
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As leucorrhoea often affects the kidneys, although these will benefit from the sitz baths, they will need further stimulating. This can be achieved by taking a mild kidney tea together with Nephrosolid. It is understandable that leucorrhoea can have a weakening effect on the nerves. Hence we will want to build them up by regularly taking Avenaforce in alternation with Ginsavena. Neuroforce tablets are also excellent for this purpose.

On the other hand, I would advise against the use of strong antibiotic medicines. Why? Because these drugs destroy not only the harmful but also the useful and necessary bacteria, making the restoration of bacterial flora more difficult. If we want to cooperate with nature we must not first destroy its workings. Rather, we should take care and refrain from drastic medicines that destroy the beneficial organisms we want to build up, for experience shows that harmful bacteria recuperate faster than the useful ones.

The treatment of leucorrhoea, usually a very stubborn condition, requires patience, perseverance and absolute regularity in taking medication. There is no other way to achieve a permanent cure. At the same time, it is very important to avoid any detrimental habits and influences even after the cure has been achieved.
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